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We are

We are a

Tech Development Shop

Collaborative, communicative and flexible.
A self organized team with experience working with startups and large companies.
Our lightweight process is based on the agile and lean principles.
We combine state of the art client-side technologies with a scalable cloud backend to deliver cost efficient and cross platform products.

A lightweight process based on

The Agile and Lean principles

- Understand your solution and your added value.
- Plan and design your MVP
- Build
- Release early, release often
- Measure and learn
- Pivot or persevere, plan smart

Who trusts us?

Startups and companies in North America looking for a business tech partner who can cover all aspects of the software development lifecycle. Contact us to get our references.
No matter if it is a new or an ongoing project, we are ready for it.

Our Clients

  • Soren Hjorth

    Director, CuroGens Inc.

    “CuroGens looked to Kaizen for development of our cloud-based Learning application. A decision we are extremely happy about. Not only did they have the required technical skills, but more importantly they went above and beyond to truly understand the application design often resulting in suggesting minor tweaks that allowed us to save both time and money. The short and precise communication between the developers and our project team helped us understand where we were in the development at all times making it easy for us to meet customers demands and deadlines.”

  • Tommy Christensen

    COO, iTagTip Inc.

    “Kaizen posses the right knowledge at the right level at an attractive price point. And as an added bonus Kaizen understands and live Agile/SCRUM; something that is key in product development. Working with Kaizen is a pleasure and their high level of quality and open communication saved us a lot of both time and dollars, delivering our web-site within our budget and time constrains.”

  • Esteban Garcia

    CTO, Nebbia Technology

    “Nebbia partnered with Kaizen to augment our software development capabilities. The Kaizen team delivered value right away and they were able to quickly become part of our team. They helped us deliver quality software, based on best practices, and they were always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that deadlines were met. The open communication and ability to quickly scale up the team was very valuable to the project. I would highly recommend Kaizen as your trusted software development partner.”

  • Sarita James

    CEO, Embark Corp.

    “Embark looked to Kaizen to augment our in-house engineering team during a period of rapid growth. We found their engineers to be talented, dedicated, and versatile – ready to support both our legacy systems as well as our newest offerings built on a cutting-edge tech stack.”

Our Team